Fillion Years

by Sophagus

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released July 6, 2014

Written, Produced, and Recorded by Matt Engers



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bolo Yo Tho
When did brother become a four-letter word and should I play to 3/4? it's been coming up in 10's and 11's a lot.
But do, Heavens, I got what it takes to
give lots up and away to wake up loose id.
I'm the kid brother to a masseuse of a big brother of a messenger who's message is to mess up messes messier.
Not to fuck it up but I will say I like it raw.
Not a poet to tweet music but do I not sing caw-caw?

I spent a lot of time waiting
For my anxiety to crumble in to bricks
Rather it is whole
Full fetched. Skull wet.

I cock my caulk gun looking to madness for peace of mind.
Am I my mind in myself to be so inclined in myself.
And of my child by the conception with just myself to insure
to be protecting. bye. perfecting nestless life in myself and pass it down?
Pass it down.
We're born in love and
Learn how to fall out.
Pass it down.
Pass it down.
We're born in love and
Learn how to fall out.

All when I am late for love.

2 checks and to cook through the detector check clearance.
Pay to the order of the clerk of the circuit court n the Cook County sheriff.
May stay they in my pocket as i make way to the docket. What? The document is pending and it was amended ending when??

Gotta have a PERC card to get it.
More like a jerk card... Get it?
And if you been fed it edit and jet.
Cook county get it. Let it.
Bet. N Don't sweat it.

Oggle me googling googley eyes bulk while filing bulk in municipal. Found em on amazon and ordered a thousand. $16.34 with shipping.

Why would I not want you to see me fail immensely?
Why would I not want you to fail?
Would I not want to see me pass it down?

Pass it down.
We're born in love and
Learn how to fall out.
Pass it down.
Pass it down.
We're born in love and
Learn how to fall out.
Track Name: Belligireligion
I don’t believe it’s fine when I’m
Confined in my mind.
Im confused. might I be blind?
Can this Sunday just rewind?
Can my seat become my vine
To swing me from ties that bind?
Can I use this crooked spine
to stand ahead of my time?
Honey, I’m frozen and spring cant come soon enough.
These dogs cant walk themselves. We don’t look up at the moon enough.
look at me im movin cuz music’s good and my tunes is up.
all of these singers they’re not singin out of tune enough.
They’re too busy tunin up
while im out howlin rude as fuck
Richer than bang and oluf.
Funk sticky. pb and fluff.
Full but I keep eatin stuffed.
Taxi-dermy. Car skin.
Whose leather are u ridin?
Whose letter are you writing?

Facts are flapping over
Like jacks at max and erma’s.
Tracks connect the thoughts
To the backs stabbed in for service.
Brands lobotomize. I cannot protect
A purist.
How could purity come from contaminated
Damn I breached the surface so murderous
In relief.
Happy that you heard this and abandoned your belief.
God’s a superstition and I am a false prophet.
This beats makin me crazy I think it’s time we drop it for a second now…

Uhh uh uhuhu uhuhuhhhh uhh uh

Uh uh I don’t predict to be picked out of a hat.
Didn’t get handed that. Did a stint if it I sit on.
I give for what I get. Bet. karma is a bitch.
But karma is my bitch.
Bat. Choke up on the dick.
Stroke slow and ill cum quick.
I said Damn I love to hold her.
girlfriend knew how I liked it before I ever told her.
So if we break up I suggest you go after her.
Every orgasm feels like 3 and a half with her.

I like to say nothing, make faces, and laugh with her.
My heart’s taking grants scared to let go what I have with her.
But we’ll live if we split or if we stay legit
It’s just romance about. No human’s on reserve.

Im just tryin to get my mom what she deserves.
Im just tryin to fix my dad up with some herb.
Cuz he’s just tryin to fix his back up man it hurts.
He let them work him too hard don’t do whatever, do what really makes you happy.
Track Name: Hazy Tut
What’s wiring?
You don’t seem like your usual cheery self.
Like you had a birthday recent.
And was it on a weekend.
Hazy tut hazy tut do you got that light or, or do
I, lazy eye lay z-eyed.
Masturbating to wind.

What do you want me to do?
Write complete from/to on the
Meat who do write?
Me to you, do they mean to do right?
Zit mean to do what you need to do? Nigh.

Who decides what decision rides
What is decidedly derivitive.
You’ve got me feeling like…

Stand the fuck back.
Just stand the fuck back.
Just stand the fuck back and take a deep breath.
Like thisss
Let it in. Let it out. Let it in. Let it out. Let it in. Let it out, let it in, let it out.

Art’s fact.
Lyrics are too general.
Would you question a mineral?
The suggestion is minimal.
The impression is pivotal.
I don’t those with visual
Eyes if to see they won’t visit to
Arranged beyond physical placed beneath spirit from
Death to umbilical.

This ain’t nothing but the

God damn.
God said, “God damn”.
Think it coulda been a good god damn too.
Track Name: How Beautiful Is A Funeral
I was starving so I binged and became all the more empty.
The honeywell it cringed so i gave all the more plenty.
If paradise don't exist we then can just invent.
If you don't want to reach Tar, easy, then just prevent it.
Talk nuff to wear it out.
Doubt it. Don't care about
where it is is where it stays with a wreathy chain about it.
A leap to what remains. For keeps that which explains.
For sleep that mind erases but deep til it retains.
Like sheets of filthy rain the flower fed the storm.
Grew in to predator fangs preyed on village vein, reformed.
Til container sores corrupt the comfort of the host. She wore upholstery and took up space witha coach.
The couch had overflowed. Her bags to blame the most.
Her jugs to blame? Who cares.
The jugbag gross enough.
And when morning encroached we all wheeled off kilty.
wiedling awes, guilty, as if it wasn't dweam
i deemed it to be so.

I needed you to know i was having some confusion.
not leading you in to some sexual illusion.
these things if not expressed can cause quite an obtrusion.
The bags under my eyes have not been so, improvement.
In a brown study wrapped up in thought without a buddy.
i borrowed a contingent in case you didnt love me
but what a fuckin bummer so take me to the choir.
take take me river and drop me in the fire.
i fuel so i float to the surface of ice buckets of bucks who did a challenge for likes and nice fuck it's.
I dweamt i was a dweam personified as a mupet and from my cackle booth i convinced the world to suck it then
chugged it down myself as the steam rose from the temple of
America's imovie effected example.
As if i didn't notice i carried on my routine.
Assessed my situation as if it wasn't a dweam.
I'd rather just not know.
Track Name: Lifft
The balls of my heart finally dropped.
The halls finally parted in the crop.
The stalls started stopping at the get go.
My grip was all I had to cart so i let go.
Now after all these years i'm growin younger.
My laughter all-sees fear as a nknown plunger that plunges plunder candidly by the gob or glob.
Neighborly prompt: you only go through it once.
Chopin's petting wallops reverberate in to dollops.
My hope in some thing's cosmic to 'splain it all to Purdy.
My voice rains. The wash reminds me of a comfort that once lived under slumber. I put keys in to cupboard.
Under these knees is free walkin season. Rosey as i've eaten. No podias freezin. My hope gets swallowed as no one is followed.
Certain today we're dubious tomorrow.
So I

My moments leave a trail. Shrapnel in the garden night sky. Take me to the moon. Raking with a spoon. Drenched like the dune. The blue himalayas wailing. Sailing away from myself.

What is this nondollar you reek of you holler from black hole inhalation that you were born during death.
Looking back. Looking down. look at you.
Humanistic auras on infinite horas are lazer painting on the surface of time.
Fracture in ur breath cuz he loves you she loves we love you you love you you love you.

My moments leave a trail. Shrapnel in the garden light sky. Take me to the sun. Bake me til given. Quenched like a deep burn. Deep love. Could this be a merry go round?
Sailing the easy seas.